Underage Fantasy Play with Beauty Pageant Princess


Underage Fantasy Fun with Young Girl Beauty Pageant Girls –

Are you the kinda of underage pedophile pervert that follows the young girl beauty pageant circuit looking for the perfect precious preteen princess? If so, cum join me in Peg’s pedo playland where all your extreme underage and pedo phone sex desires will come true. I’ll make sure you’re sitting in the last row with your hands buried deep in your pockets fondling that pedo cock of yours. You’ll have full view of delicious underage bald little twats dressed way beyond their years to look like vegas showgirls strutting their stuff. Do you want to grope, pet, fondle and molest or finger, penetrate, ravish and sodomize? The choice is yours; I’m ready to make your fantasy feel like a real life reality, just say the word.

My taboo phone sex caller dreamed of being a judge for an underage beauty pageant for his pedo phone sex fantasy role play. I just so happens that I own a modeling/talent agency that specializes only in children so I sponsor beauty pageants in hopes of attracting scouts from the major advertisers. I knew of my caller from another acquaintance as more of a perverted person, a pedophile to be exact, perfect for my plan so I hired him to be the judge. With great preparation I groomed about a handful of girls ranging from toddlers to prepubescent age. I’ve picked out their outfits from bathing suits to formal wear and most importantly for the talent portion. Now it’s down to the wire time to start my plan to ensure my two top models will be the winners, that’s where my caller comes into play. I ask him for a favor if he would come to the house to meet my underage girls before the pageant because they are a bit shy. I figured this way when the big day comes they’ll be more at ease. When he arrives a couple of my charges answer the door to his surprise they’re both dressed in the tightest red one piece leather cat suit with a plunging neckline down to their bellybutton, it looked like it was a size too small from the way the material clung to their barely puffy mosquito bite titties, then not leaving much to the imagination from the way it fits their camel toe and perky bubble butt. I could tell from the way he squeezed is bulging hard on as he adjusted himself before he sat down that my plan was right on track. I called from the bedroom for the girls to mix him a drink then dim the lights and cue the music. I made sure my little ones were sitting on either side of him before I allowed my first little princess to start her routine, she was dressed for the day at the beach in a little triangle bikini that really didn’t cover anything at all. The top was two tiny blue sequined triangles and a string to hold them in place over her hardened nub of a nipple. The bottoms consisted of a matching triangle to cover her little girl cunt then a string buried in her butt crack for her thong bottoms. I did her hair in an up-do with ring-let curls that framed her face, rouge on her cheeks and light blue eyeshadow with false eyelashes and a fake tan to finish her look. She started at the bedroom door then danced across the room fluttering her eyelashes, winking and flirting shaking her ass then stopped about a foot in front of the judge exactly as we practiced. I told her to look him straight in the eye and smile then do a 180 degree turn, bend over and touch her toes. He gasped a big breath then fumbled with his pants trying to cover his throbbing hard on. I laughed then asked if he liked what he saw. She then scooted on the couch right next to him.

I turned on the hidden video cameras for the rest of my plan then readied my second underage princess who was dressed for the talent portion of the pageant wearing a super tight, short blue skirt with a tight white mid-drift top and black thigh high boots with a short hair blonde wig to look like the hooker in the “Pretty Woman” movie. With both hands on her hips she smiled and shook her ass as she walked right to him. When she was about a foot away she turned her ass towards him then bent over exposing her bald puffy pussy.  She then grabbed her butt cheeks to spread them showing off her pretty pink fuck hole. I encouraged him to look at her child cunt. I told him I knew his secret, that he’s a pedophile. He didn’t deny that his eyes were fixated on her sweet virgin flesh. I told him it was ok to touch, ok to taste, “go ahead”, I said. The switch in his mind flipped, he dove into her grabbing her hips pulling her closer, when his face was buried in her ass it was then my camera flashed away, “Now I know my girls will win the pageant”, I said. “If they don’t win, everyone will know your dirty secret.” I added. He let loose tongue fucking all her pink little underage holes then made the rest of the girls suck his cock then took his time fucking them all making his pedo phone sex fantasy cum true.

Are you into toddlers and tiaras where mommies glitz up their innocent little princesses to look like oversexed little dollies just to woo the judges? Sounds like a perfect place for an underage fantasy for pedo lovers like us to play! Come and join me in Peg’s Pedo playland and let’s get busy turning young school girls into beauty queens during our very own underage beauty pageant fantasy role play and I will surely make your pedo cock cream!

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