Perverted Momma’s Boy Gets Fucked in the Ass

perverted momma's boy

Perverted momma’s boy gets fucked in the ass –

I want to be your naughty momma for all of your perverted incest phone sex fantasies. When I start thinking of all the delightfully twisted scenarios we could experience my old wrinkled pussy creams. My clit swells and tingles as it comes to life when my imagination races with thoughts of watching my son jerking his sweet dick hard for his Momma.

My caller was a perverted momma’s boy who wanted to go on a special “girls” shopping trip with his Momma in our perverted incest fantasy. We went to his favorite store in the mall, Victoria’s secret. I picked out a bunch of sexy teddies for my caller to try. Describing each one by one. I was with him in the dressing room as he modeled each and every one. I made him shake his ass and pose in the mirror. Then he had to jerk is clitty and bend over while I worked my dildo in and out his man pussy. I made him look in the mirror and watch his Momma fuck is pussy and describe what he saw and felt as I stroked his cunt. We did this with each teddy he tried on until he found his favorite. He was pretty worn out when we got home but I convinced him to model the teddy one more time. I made him get on his hands and knees in front of the mirror while I pounded his man pussy with my 10 inch thick strap-on. He knew he pleased me when his little clitty squirted all over himself. My pussy was dripping wet from watching him lick up his cream pie I forced him to suck my wrinkled cunt. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his face into my hole burying his nose in my pussy hair. I didn’t let his head go until I squirted my cunt juice all over his face.

Are you ready for an extremely perverted incest phone sex session? I’m ready to hold your hand and cock guiding you on a wild ride that will rock your world. My mind has no limits when it comes to your incest desires and perverted fantasies. When you put me in control I’ll take you wherever your mind dares to go, and if you wish I’ll push you over the edge time and time again, just say the word.

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    • David on August 30, 2016 at 9:42 AM
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    Hi Peggy. I love your site. Do you have experience with gang bangs? Thank you.


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