Perverted Playmate Peggy Welcomes You…

To a Place Where Extremely Perverted and Taboo Phone Sex Fantasies are Realized

I’m Peggy a sophisticated southern woman who has been around the block a few times.  I’m an older, more mature woman and an experienced phone sex operator who specializes in erotic conversations for perverted gentlemen who like to indulge in fantasy games that tend to be more on the extreme side. Yes, that’s right, incest and extreme underage fantasy role play is what I’m talking about.

If you are looking for an extremely perverted and totally taboo woman to expose your deepest, darkest, most twisted sexual secrets to, your search is over.  I’m a very open minded woman with whom you can share your inner most deviant thoughts with, without judgment or repercussions. Above all, of our fantasy conversations are always discreet, private and just between you and I.  Incest confessions and pedophile cravings are just two topics I not only enjoy but have experience in as well.  Forbidden age play fantasies make my cunt cream and hungry for more.  Won’t you join me?

Are you a sexual pervert? A chronic masturbator who feverishly jerks his cock thinking about all the dirty deviant things you can do to and with young virgin flesh? Are you partial to boys or girls, or do you like both?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then I think you should give me a call because I’ll have your head spinning and cock spewing in no time!  I’m a member of the Taboo Temptations family in the fantasy world of taboo phone sex and I specialize in perverted phone sex fantasies centered on incest and extreme underage play.

Being a woman of age, I’m not only a mother, but a grandmother too.  Thus, giving me a lot of real life experiences to draw from when it comes to perverted phone sex role playing.  I love pushing the envelope when it comes to fulfilling fantasies via phone because one really never knows what sexual volcanoes will erupt until they go to those deviant, twisted places in your mind.

Incest fantasy play is second nature to me. I love it as much as underage pedophile play. Remember me, Peggy, when you’re feeling like playing with your granny, mother, auntie, cousin or sister. I have the perfect role play for you. It will be the one that gets your cock standing at attention and oozing pre-cum in seconds. I’ll have you frantically stroking to my mesmerizing voice and very perverted incest craving imagination, and by the time we’ve finished our taboo phone sex encounter your cock will be exploding like a volcano as its squirts cum like no other!

My perverted incestuous imagination coupled with your pedo craving cock, I’m sure we could turn your taboo fantasy into the most exciting, mind blowing, ball draining reality you’ve ever experienced using the power of verbal imagery. I’ll make it seem so real you’ll have to keep pinching yourself to keep you from dreaming. My mission is your satisfaction. I will give you a deliciously sinful fantasy ride that will be so gratifying that you’ll be lying there in a cum induced stupor by the end of our call.

Dial me, day or night on my extremely perverted phone sex line.  If you receive a busy signal, that could mean I am already on a taboo call, so try back until you reach me or it could simply mean I am not accepting calls at that time.  You must be twenty one years of age or older to receive my telephone fantasy service and have a valid pre-pay, debit, or credit card ready when you place your call.


Phone sex calls as well as all reading material found on this site is fantasy in nature and always for adult entertainment purposes only.  Proceed with caution as you browse through my fantasy phone sex service site.  The adult content found here may be too extreme and/or taboo for some viewers.

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