Pedophile Lovers Dream: Extreme Fantasy Comes to Life!

Pedophile Fantasies Come True

Pedophile Fantasies Come True with Perverted Peg –

I want to invite all the pedophile lovers out there to join me in Peg’s perverted playland. When you call me for an extreme underage phone sex call you won’t be disappointed. I’m extremely perverted when it comes to playing with the little ones and lately I’ve been craving them even more. Sometimes I fantasize about being an accomplice snatching up a sweet little boy or girl for your pleasure. We would take them out to the edge of town for some filthy forbidden pedophile play. Let’s be partners in crime and explore where our perverted pedophile thoughts take us.

My caller has an extreme accomplice fantasy and called me to turn it into a ball draining role play. Being the perverted pedophiles we are, we got in his car and started to cruise the streets in neighborhoods full of kids. It didn’t take us long to come across a cute little girl playing on the sidewalk. I talked her into getting into the car to find my dog. As soon as I closed the door my deviant partner in crime took off for home. Once in the basement, I stripped her naked. My fantasy playmate pulled off his pants and started stroking his cock as he watched me lick her bald little cunny.  I split her legs open so wide she started screaming, and that only made his cock throb harder.  He then wanted to fuck her.  I guided his cock to her pink, now puffy slit and he shoved it into her tiny hole. She wailed as each stroke went in deeper and deeper. I was getting so turned on I pulled my pants off and sat on her little face, humping her for my pleasure.  But only after a minute or two she was gasping for air. By this time he was tired of the bald twat and wanted to take her cherry ass. I flipped her over, ass end up and spread her cheeks to guide his cock. I got underneath her and positioned my cunt under her face. I held her head down on my pussy with my hands around her neck. I could tell my caller was close to shooting his load so I squeezed her neck tighter.  As his climax heightened I squeezed tighter and tighter while she continued gasping for air. On his last thrust I squeezed the life out of her; I could feel the life leave her body as he shot the last of his load.

I’m looking forward for a chance to seep deep inside your mind to find the most extreme underage phone sex fantasy that your sick and twisted mind can handle.  Or shall I say you’re your cock can handle!  Whether you are seeking a mild, fun filled accomplice call with an underage girl or a deviant dark pedophile snuff fantasy I’m the woman who does it all. So pick up the phone and let’s start your journey into Peg’s pedo playland today!

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