Age Play Fantasies: Stroke Your Cock to the Forbidden

forbidden age play

Forbidden Age Play Fantasy Phone Sex Calls –

Does the thought of age play phone sex get you so horny you’re driven to start stroking your cock at the mere thought of it?  Don’t look any further; I’m the granny for you.  Age play fantasies make this old wrinkled pussy come alive. Whether you want to be my son or grandson or I’m your auntie, cousin, neighbor, or mother. The scenarios are limitless and possibilities are overwhelming as to how you want your age play fantasy to go…

Yesterday I had an extremely hot caller who wanted to be my young son for his age play phone sex fantasy. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon Daddy was out of town on business so my little boy and I were sitting on the couch watching cartoons. I was feeling very lonely and horny so I asked my son to scoot closer to me on the couch. I put my arms around his shoulders and started rubbing them as well as his back. He said that the liked it so I had him lay with his head in my lap so I could continue rubbing his back. My hands went lower to his butt cheeks and he was responding to Mommy’s touch by humping his bottom up and down.  My pussy began to tingle as I rubbed deeper between his legs.  I then suggested he roll unto his back. I noticed his young cock was hard. I pulled down his pants to expose his hard prick. He wanted me to rub it too. I leaned down and kissed it. I felt his hand on the back of my head holding be down. I was getting so turned on playing with my young son. I showed him my pussy and my clit and asked him to suck it. He wanted to play Daddy and fuck me, so I scooted to the edge of the couch and made him stand in front of me. I showed him how to stick his prick into my hole. I held onto his ass and we fucked. It felt so good!   And to top it off I felt it was so naughty and forbidden that it made the experience so much better I came harder than ever before!

Are you a little older in your age play fantasy? Or perhaps I’m a lot younger? Is your fantasy based on a time when your mother was much younger? Whatever the ages let’s push the envelope a little bit further. Let’s go as extreme as you’re comfortable with to make it as realistic as possible, I want to awaken your deepest desires, let’s milk all you’re pent up festering cum and drain your balls like they never have been drained before.  Anything goes with me, so pick up the phone and let’s get naughty now!

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